Not all that glitters is gold

Evrybody's dead

After defending the town Greg Ironspike got it named after himself as “Ironspike”. Unfortunately, the adventurers had to again commence our journey to P’Bpar. The journey was long and boring but we got there safe and sound. Once there we started our diplomatic mission with the duke. Again to our misfortune, he was corrupt. Once we cleaned up that problem, we got Naji to send back a letter to Fallcrest which still hasn’t been answered. After P’Bpar Naji led us up to Frandor’s Keep for unknown reasons. Once there we met up with my friend Greg Farseer. He showed us where an empty tower was for our base of operations and we set up there. Soon afterward while we were hunting, a bear attacked us and killed Kithri, Henry, and Leeroy.

P.S. As a side note josh took away my ringmail and +1 longsword


I think we should help alex pay for refitting!!

Evrybody's dead

Where is everybody run back to the tower!!??

Evrybody's dead
Naji zutolor

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