Not all that glitters is gold

The things that eat horses.
They ate the whole thing?

No they didn’t, just sucked it dry…

The PCs are currently trying to hire a hunter/trapper to help catch these evasive sons of a bitches. However, they have very little info on them…

Evrybody's dead

After defending the town Greg Ironspike got it named after himself as “Ironspike”. Unfortunately, the adventurers had to again commence our journey to P’Bpar. The journey was long and boring but we got there safe and sound. Once there we started our diplomatic mission with the duke. Again to our misfortune, he was corrupt. Once we cleaned up that problem, we got Naji to send back a letter to Fallcrest which still hasn’t been answered. After P’Bpar Naji led us up to Frandor’s Keep for unknown reasons. Once there we met up with my friend Greg Farseer. He showed us where an empty tower was for our base of operations and we set up there. Soon afterward while we were hunting, a bear attacked us and killed Kithri, Henry, and Leeroy.

P.S. As a side note josh took away my ringmail and +1 longsword

The story so far
Is this it?!?!?!?!?

So our small band of adventure’s have lost two members, Winter Zima, and Blarg McBlarg. May their souls rest in peace, and their bodies never rise as undead and devour our bodies and souls.

Anyway, our beloved brigade has accomplished much in a short few weeks. They never started small, with the first task acquinting them with Naji, a member of the Ranger corps. They soon earned the earl’s trust and were sent off to P’abar (sorry I’m still deciding if I’ll use Kingdoms of Kalamar. I’ll send out an email with the campaign books.) for a diplomatic mission. Unfourtunitly the journey was cut short quickly do to the sinking of the merchant ship headed inland. The town they soon arrived in was in for an orcken assult. However the heroes quickly repleded the assault along with the soldiers who were on patrol. This is were Breadon’s character McBlarg was slain.


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